At a glance

1956 – The Anger brothers founded the plastics processing plant Gebrüder Anger GmbH & Co.

1970 – First production of plastic pipes for Telekom

2002 – All over Europe speed•pipe® sets new standards for Fibre-to-the-X

2006 – development of speed•pipe® bundle SRV and speed•pipe® bundle ground SRV-G

2010 – findos investor becomes new owner of gabocom

Market-orientated development:
From the drainage pipe to speed•pipe®

The name gabocom already describes the historical development of our enterprise with one word: Out of the plastics processing plant G ebrüder A nger GmbH & Co. – founded in 1956 in Bo gen, Germany, as manufacturer of drainage pipes – in 1970 emerged an independent division. This specialised in the demands of Telecom and started with laying ducts.

Today the place of business is Niederwinkling in Germany and gabocom is the leading partner of telecommunication enterprises and network operators in Germany and all over Europe. With the speed•pipe® system we established completely new possibilities for blowing in fibre optic cables and set benchmarks which are valid all over the world. Several hundred thousands of kilometres have already been installed successfully since 2002 – and they become more every day.