At a glance

One location
joins all divisions under one roof

Four managing directors
Johannes Pruchnow (CEO), Markus Karl, Roland Lederer and Alexander Rümmelein

210 employees
from the development to the goods logistics

Apprenticeship Company
in the commercial and technical division

Partner in Europe
in addition to field work and sales

Powerful in a team:
Success is a product of team work

More than 210 highly skilled and dedicated employees constitute the most valuable funds of gabocom. We are proud of the fact that many engineers, technicians and other qualified employees have been working now for our company for more than 10 years. They have a share in the success of our company regarding development, production, quality management, sales and distribution. Thereby a family orientated working atmosphere and team work take centre stage and not the classical hierarchies.

Since the establishment of gabocom we have accompanied many young people in commercial and technical professions. Please check Training & Career for our vacant apprenticeship positions and jobs.